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Letter From Our Co-Directors

Hey ya’ll!

We are so excited to be launching our Newsletter! We are even more excited that you’re joining us in the endeavor. This Newsletter will be a way for us to connect and uplift all of the amazing things happening inside and outside of SOA. When we first launched SOA in 2017, we did so with the understanding that as much as we need freedom, we needed freedom fighters! To this day, we have been committed to these visions!

Some of our victories include:

*Launching and graduating three cohorts of organizers and healers

*Distributing 50,000 dollars in COVID-19 support

*Training and employing seven cohort graduates

*Training teams at the local, region, and national levels

As you can imagine, we have been very busy!!

When we started, we had no idea that SOA would blossom in these ways, but we are beyond blessed to be in service to the work, and remain committed to our people. Please don’t hesitate to to reach out to us for deeper conversation and collaborations, because we believe it is our role to maintain our wholeness and that of our kindred.

Y'all stay lifted. We know it’s in our DNA to be resilient and to thrive no matter what. Check on your people, and most importantly, stay check in with yourself. We are so excited to continue to mobilize, organize, and build with y'all!

With love,

Nathalie Nia Faulk and Key Jackson , SOA Co-Directors

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